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The life & times of the eternally evolving, erratic, eccentric expatriate (who loves the color violet)

Who is Vagrant Violet?




  • A person without a settled home who wanders from place to place.




  • A kind of small bluish-purple flower
  • Of a color intermediate between red and blue.
  • Shrinking violet (Informal) a shy person

I am an expatriate originally hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, currently living  quite a distance from the motherland in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


As far back as my sophomore year of high school, I knew that I wanted to be not just a teacher, but an extraordinary teacher.  A person who leaves their positive impact on and constructive message with individuals from anywhere and everywhere.  Graduating at the wrong time in 2007 at the start of the economic crisis, however, meant tens of thousands of dollars in student debt and no teaching job after attaining my master’s degree in ESOL.

I wound up teaching English as a foreign language briefly in Seoul, South Korea before arriving at the Ezeiza International Airport of Buenos Aires, Argentina in January 2009, and have resided here ever since.  I’m now gainfully employed (finally!), teaching in EFL/ESL in a middle school, and married to the most incredible person on the planet, Fede, who I consider not only just a legally recognizable spouse, but also a life partner and best friend.   In April of 2013, we welcomed our first child, Sebastian.

Of course, a lot took/has taken place before, during, after, and in between.  Along the way, I have struggled with personal issues, particularly bulimia, self-harming, severe depression and antepartum depression amongst others.  I’m still very much a work in progress…